How Do I Use Lotus Color Drops?

How to use:
Lotus Color Enhancing Drops can be used in combination with ANY shampoo or conditioner. Simply wet your hands, place preferred shampoo or conditioner in hands with the recommended amount of color drops below and lather into hair once daily. You will begin to see results immediately with maximum color enhancement after 4 to 5 applications.

Recommended usage:

Short hair: 4 to 5 pumps per application

Medium hair: 5 to 7 pumps per application

Long hair: 7 to 10 pumps per application

Lotus Color Enhancing Drops can be used individually or in conjunction with one another to obtain optimal color hues. Always consult your colorist when selecting the best color combination for your hair.

Tips for Best Results:
  • Combining warm colors with cool colors will result in natural/neutral shades.
  • When applying to gray ALWAYS combine your choice of color with one of the browns as a base.
  • Lotus Drops can also be great for non-colored hair to add shimmer and enhanced toning.
  • Amplify results by adding a few pumps to styling products such as mousse, gel, pomade, etc. This will not change the affects of the styling products.
  • Utilize color drops at the bowl and send them home with clients to perfect color results.
Questions?  Ask a professional