What are Lotus Color Drops?

Lotus Color Enhancing Drops were developed by professional salon colorists to combat the adverse affects that everyday elements have on hair color! Just combine a few drops with your everyday shampoo or conditioner to extend and lock in your “same day” salon color, while invigorating the shine of your hair.

Lotus Drops are a perfect color maintenance solution that will not affect your next color process, permanents, or stain shower walls or clothing. Utilizing a proprietary blend of environmentally safe and FDA approved ingredients Lotus Color Enhancing Drops contain no peroxide or ammonia; that means no damage to your hair and no permanent color results.

How to use:
Lotus Color Enhancing Drops can be used in combination with ANY shampoo or conditioner. Simply wet your hands, place preferred shampoo or conditioner in hands with the recommended amount of color drops and lather into hair once daily. You will begin to see results immediately with maximum color enhancement after 4 to 5 applications.

Lotus Color Hues Include:
Golden Blonde Soft Warm Tones
Violet Blonde Soft Cool Tones
Cooper Red Lite Warm Tones
Violet Red Cool Rich Wine Tones
Golden Brown Lite Golden Browns
Ash Brown Cool Ash Browns

**When applying on gray hair always mix blondes or reds with a brown for natural hues